Books For America

Why Donate Books to Books for America?

We are a small non-profit organization with a full-time staff of seven and a rather tight budget.  Even with these limitations, we have donated more than $2 million worth of books to local schools, shelters and other local organizations!

We are having a positive affect on literacy and educational in the National Capital Region.  But as always, there is so much more we could do.
Think for a moment how books, movies and music have impacted your life. Everything from textbooks to dictionaries to the latest best-seller to a magazine you grabbed as you boarded a plane.  Now imagine never having had any of those things. All of these forms of media helped you imagine, grow and see a bigger world. They helped you to learn, and made you the person you are today.

Our mission begins with supporting educational programs which give children and adults the tools to acquire knowledge through reading. But that is only the beginning. A constant, high quality supply of books and other materials is needed to ensure continued interest in reading. To state the obvious, it is impossible to promote reading and learning if books are not available in the first place. Books for America was created to ensure that anyone who wants to read will have the tools to do so.

Beyond literacy, we seek to place books in the hands of anyone who wants to read and learn.  Books can be tools that help individuals rise up out of unfortunate circumstances.
It is also our goal to provide a small respite for individuals who otherwise do not have access to much-needed entertainment. Books, music, and movies might not help the sick or dying get better, but they can help provide a few moments of joy.

With your help, Books for America will do everything we can to help make America's neediest communities stronger.

Examples of what Books for America provides…

…battered women's shelters with books on self-confidence, self-empowerment and the tools to make women stronger

…inner-city or impoverished rural schools with books to help kids first learn how to read. Many of these kids have never personally owned a book before. We will work with teachers and community leaders to give tens of thousands of books to children to take home to encourage additional reading and learning. fiction and non-fiction books to adult literacy centers.

…rural and inner-city school libraries with books on art, photography, travel and more to help students see the world that exists outside of their insulated small towns or neighborhoods.

…movies and music to V.A. hospitals, hospices, AIDS clinics and more to provide a few hours of needed entertainment for the sick and dying


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